Monday, June 18, 2007

Show's Over

Well, the show is over and I guess I should finally deliver a picture without facial hair. This one is from probably the best scene in the show. The song is "The Creation of Man" where Percy (the guy in the tiger outfit) teaches us how to act like fops. His lyric here is, "Be the King of the Beasts in Pastels" and I just said "Meow" like a little kitty. Big Laugh. You not only get no facial hair pic, but as an added bonus, you get pink chiffon, too. Aren't you thrilled?

Today, I'm suffering from the usual post-show crash. I don't feel like I properly said goodbye to the people in this show. We hugged and shook hands and exchanged "see you laters." But, it didn't feel like it was over and we'd not be hanging out next weekend. This cast was probably the best cast I have ever worked with on a gets-along-no-divas level, not to mention talented to boot. Everyone was so friendly, so nice and we all got along so well. That was refreshing. If I didn't give a proper good-bye it's because I don't think there's really been an ending moment for any of those relationships that were created. I've come to grips that "show friendships" happen. Meaning, wonderful relationships are made during the rehearsal process that don't last once the show is over. This is due to all the actors doing other shows, not because the emotional links were fake. And, the truly real relationships will stick. I look forward to the next time I can work with anyone from this show again.

I haven't been talking alot about my Christan journey. That's becuase I haven't really been focused on it for a while. At least with the show being over, I can hopefully reestablish a daily prayer and Bible reading routine. I have noticed that I'm not feeling... at home... with the church I attend. The people I am most close to from there are for various reasons leaving it. Most of the reasons have nothing to do with the church itself, but life... as in it's hard to attend a church in Indiana when you live in California. But, this social loss is hard on me. I don't identify well with the twenty-somethings that are in the congregation. Nobody's fault. We're just at different places in our lives. And, I think I am seeking more friendships that are nearer to my own life's experience. I'm thinking about church-hopping, but then I kinda feel like I'm not giving some new relationships a chance. Plus, if I church-hop, who's to say that I'll be able to establish some frienships there? I don't know, so I guess this is a good point to ask God for a little guidance.


Anonymous said...

From Ryan:

Nice pic.. sad I missed it, but that pic cheered my day.

As for the church hopping... home is where the heart is... follow your heart to find your home.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in. . . .I loved the show! (and it was nice to finally meet you, too).
I would have to agree with Ryan on the church hopping thing. . . .have you been able to get back to your daily bible time?