Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things I Learned Today

1. It takes at least nine hours for a 50 gallons hot water heater to completely drain out of a 1mm hole.

2. Carpet aborbs alot of water.

3. Wet vacs don't hold more water than carpet.

4. I know where the water value for the house and hot water heater is located.

5. It takes approximately 2 minutes for a medium-sized sauce pan to fill up with water from 1mm hole in a 50 gallon hot water heater.

6. It takes approximately 10 medium-sized sauce pans to fill a 5 gallon bucket.

7. Simple math says that filling a 5 gallon bucket with the water from a 50 gallon hot water heater mean filling the bucket 10 times. 50 gallons/5 gallons = 10 fillings.

8. If it takes 2 minutes to fill a medium-sized sauce pan and 10 fillings to fill a 5 gallon bucket, simple math says it will take 20 minutes to fill the 5 gallon bucket (2 minutes x 10 fillings = bucket full in 20 minutes).

9. Extrapolating further, simple math proves that it will take approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes to drain a leaking hot water heater. (See #7 & 8; 20 minutes x 5 gallons = 3 hrs & 20 mins to drain 50 gallon hot water heater).

10. Leaking hot water heaters prove that simple math is very wrong.

11. Plumbers will arrive at least one hour later than expected, but will always call before hand to make sure you're home when you can't reach the phone.

12. I learned that with the right equipment, I could probably install a new hot water heater.

13. Attaching a hose to the hot water heater spiget and putting the other end down the basement ground-hole drain will empty said hot water heater much faster than simple math shows.


Grafxgurl said...

a very watery post!!
but i like the way you think.
oh and please dont get a tattoo. i just think maybe you dont need one to remind you of Him.. He is there. and everywhere to remind you!!

ML said...

Thank you for your comments. I know He is. And I haven't decided yet about the tattoo. Knowing me, I probably won't get it.