Monday, October 08, 2007

Closing Sucks

The best part about a show closing is that you now have free time again. The worst part about a show closing is that you now have free time again. Children of Eden ended a very sucessful run (both creatively and monetarily) yesterday and I've hit the usual post show crash. Yet, somehow, this time it feels different.

I really hate the show closing. What really sucks about them is you spend 6 to 8 weeks building relationships with people and just when you figure out what some of those people mean to you, the show is over and you never hear from them again... until the next show. That may have something to do with me starting rehearsals for Assassins next week.

But, the point is just this past weekend I've realized that I was making pretty good friends. And what I mean is that I may have been taking some of those relationships for granted. There's definitely some blossoming buds on the friendship tree, but today I worry that some of those buds have been trimmed due to time constraints. Given more time, I wonder how those flowers would bloom.

Now don't get me wrong. There's plenty of people I worked with and were friends with before we started working on Children of Eden. I am not talking about them. I still love them much (though I do wish to see them more often).

No, I'm talking about a few people I met for the first time at the first rehearsal and just kinda clicked since. It's hard to really get to know someone in a few weeks, especially when your (individually and as a whole) concentrating on something bigger. Then, just when you get comfortable, just when you get close enough to figure out that person would make a good friend, the show is over and the burgeoning friendship is put to its biggest test. Can that fragile bud bloom without the convienence of the show? Is it sturdy enough to withstand the shock of the show ending?

I don't know if it is and only time will tell. I certainly hope a couple of the bonds I created do get stronger. If you're reading this, well, there's a good chance for it. I mean, if you know me well enough to know how to find this website without me having to tell you, that says something.

There's more I want to say about Children of Eden because it's important. So, stay tuned for that. There's good news there.


Anonymous said...

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, let's stay friends :)

ML said...

Anon #1- I love you too.

Anon #2 - Sure. Who are you? :D