Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tricia's Back Surgery

We sent this email out to family and friends earlier:
(I'm posting it for people who's email I don't have)

We wanted to take a moment to let you know about Tricia's ongoing back problems. It has gotten bad enough that surgery is necessary to eleveate the pain. So, she will be having surgery on Tuesday morning to repair a herniated disc. Also, the doctor will be fusing the lowest vertabrae to the second lowest. While the surgery is not without risks, we are very confident that she will come out of this just fine. She will be staying at St. Vincent Carmel in the brand new Orthopedic wing. After a few days, she'll be able to go home for bed rest. The doctor said that for 2 weeks she'll be in a lot of pain due the the fusion. She'll pretty much be in bed and get up for the bathroom. It'll be about 6 weeks for her to recover from the surgery and she should be able to resume "normal" activities (like work and sewing again) in 3 or 4 months.

She'll be staying at St. Vincent Carmel for a few days if you wanted to visit or call. Let me know if you wish to and I will send you room and phone info. Also, she'll be at home and in bed for a while if you wanted to keep her company while I'm at work or whatnot. (Addresses and phone numbers from original email deleted 'cuz this is the internet).

If you have the inclination, please pray that the surgery goes smooth and is successful. Also, that the recovery process takes hold and goes well. And, while you're praying, you might as well say a word or two about our families and friends who are evacuating from South Louisiana because of Gustav.

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