Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, the last few posts here have been filled with nothing but whine and vinegar, eh?  Let change that right now.

I am blessed and thankful for many things.  Let's name as many as I can...  My wife and step-son.  Even if the lawn didn't get cut today.  I have dandelions and that's ok.  Even Stephen, the kid living in my basement, yes and am thankful for you.  I can afford health insurance and I can pay for the drugs I need to get over this cold.  I can look back on pictures of our last vacation and be filled with the love my entire family has for us.  I haven't seen some of my best friends for months; but I know they feel the loss and miss me as much as I do for them.  I have a job that I like, am good at and well paid for.  I've only gained 2 pounds in 2 years, according to the doctor's scale.  I put my all in everything I do.  I am pretty sure I am respected; I'll say that I know I am by the people that matter.  I like my smile.  My dreams lately have been enjoyable.  I kept my Lent promise, except for that one time and I really didn't like it, so I think I'll be keeping my Lent promise for life.  I  think God can understand a relapse if it leads to better decisions.  I can listen to music any time I want.  Whatever mood I am in, there is something on my iPod for that.  I'm blessed that I have can have a convenient way to keep my music with me.  I am looking forward to stage managing "Bat Boy" in July.  I have not fathered any children unexpectedly.  I think AND I feel.  I speak softly, but carry a big stick, that I have never needed to use.  Pretty sure I have conquered depression.  I have my moments, but the funks don't stick like they used to.  I can twist my tongue upside down.  I can wear a pair of jeans for several days without a second thought.  OK, the cats - Jack, Hannah, Misfit and BK.  I am thankful for Josh, Erin, Ryan and Allison, Patrick, Jeff, Rikki, Madeline, Sarah, and Deanna more than they probably will ever realize.  HA! I am thankful that I can be a guy and be friends with girls without it getting all weird.  I can sympathize, empathize and listen to both sides and form my own opinion.  I am an Uncle. 3x a godfather.  I am blessed with Riley and Lily, Katy, Tony, Alex, Lisa and Nick - even Marianne and Joe.  They probably don't realize that I am blessed because of them, but I am.  Hooboy, am I thankful I have a sense of humor.  I am also thankful that God has one, too.  I am thankful that my ex-girlfriends are my ex-girlfriends and I am happy to have taken something away from each relationship.  Yes, even that one, especially that one.  The times I can say "I told you so."  I am thankful my parents wouldn't let me watch pro wrestling when I was a kid. And I'm thankful I was able to sneak peeks early in the morning before they woke up.  I enjoy art in all its many forms (well, maybe not abstract paintings).  I am thankful for Liz Phair and Ryan Adams. I got life, brother. I got laughs, sister. I got freedom, mother. I got good times, man. I gots me my Swagger. Most importantly, I like who I am.  If you can say that, you've got a good thing going, kid. 

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