Tuesday, November 26, 2002

I love it when I find double meanings in a song�

For the longest time, I thought U2�s(flash or html) �I Still Haven�t Found What I�m Looking For� was about not finding faith in religion. Bono sings he�s done all these things (climbed mountains, scaled city walls), �only to be with you.� I take that to mean that the person in the song has tried to find faith in its various places. But, despite all the hardships that go with climbing the highest mountain to be with God, he hasn�t found him, or his faith hasn�t fulfilled him.

�I have kissed honey lips. Felt the healing in her fingertips. It burned like fire. This burning desire�

I think these lines tell of how important it is to this person to find something to believe in. The loving feeling of faith is sweet and can help heal most wounds. His desire to find faith is strong and it is not an easy journey finding one�s self or something to believe in.

�I have spoke with the tongue of angels. I have held the hand of the devil. It was warm in the night. I was cold as a stone.�

He�s been as close to being a saint as he could, but he�s also been very tempted. It is very easy to give up the search for faith, but not finding that faith leaves him cold and empty.

�I believe in the kingdom come. Then all the colors will bleed into one, bleed into one. Well, yes I�m still running.�

He knows he has until the end of the world to find himself, his faith, and he knows it could take that long to find something to believe in.

�You broke the bonds and you loosened the chain. Carried the cross on my shame, on my shame. You know I believed it.�

A direct reference to the Jesus Christ mythology and how he is or was willing to follow the Christian path. But again, he still hasn�t found faith and isn�t fulfilled by Christianity.

In the end, the person hasn�t completed his journey, but he will continue on until it is complete.

Recently, I was reflecting on this song and on past relationships and came up with an entirely different meaning. The song is a love song. It�s about realizing that a relationship isn�t satisfying and the sorrows and joys that go along with that.

The character did everything he could to be with this other person. And in the beginning, the relationship was all that he hoped it could be. You know how you feel when you give chase after someone and finally it all pays off with that first kiss. Sometimes the hunt for love can be more satisfying than the actual relationship.

For a while, he felt fulfilled �in her fingertips.� The relationship goes through the �everything is wonderful� phase, as he speaks �with the tongue of an angel.� Soon, he begins to feel that maybe this relationship isn�t what he wants. And while holding �the hand of the devil," or rather, while being in any relationship can feel good, not being in the right relationship can leave you unfulfilled and cold inside.

That�s the key. Realizing when a relationship isn�t fulfilling and doing something about it. But what�s harder? Admitting the relationship is screwed or doing what it takes to fix it?

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