Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Alleviating Boredom and Inactivity: Exercise #16
Name the first musician(s) that pops into your head for each letter of the alphabet
ie. A - Ani Difranco

A- Adams, Ryan
B- Barenaked Ladies
C- Counting Crows
D- De La Soul
E- Elvis Costello
F- Fountains of Wayne
G- Guster
H- Hetfield, Juliana
I- Indigo Girls
J- Jellyfish
K- Kurt Colbain
L- LL Cool J
M- Mayer, John
N- No Doubt
O- Orbison, Roy
P- Phair, Liz
Q- Queen
R- R. E. M.
S- Sheryl Crow
T- Take That
U- U2
V- Veruca Salt
W- Weezer
Y- Yankovic, �Weird� Al
Z- Zebra

Extra Points: Explain why each artist is important enough to pop up first in your head

A- Ryan Adams is at the top of my favorites.
B- Barenaked Ladies are 2nd
C- I would listen to Counting Crows - August and everything after - when I was blue. Made me feel better.
D- De La Soul was one of the first hip-hop bands I really liked. I wish I could find �3 Ft. High and Rising�
E- I�ve been grooving on Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharat�s �Painted From Memory�
F- Fountains of Wayne� not sure� F was a hard letter to even think of a band.
G- Guster� Uh� If you have to ask, you really don�t know me.
H- The wife likes the song �Spin the Bottle� by Juliana Hetfield.
I- I only really like the first Indigo Girls album.
J- Jellyfish was simply amazing.
K- 10 or so years after his suicide, and I�m just realizing how important and influential Kurt Colbain is/was.
L- L.L. Cool J. stands for �Ladies Love Cool James�
M- John Mayer is a wonderful artist, but he�s gotten far too popular for me. He�s too sheik now� Not his fault.
N- I�m starting to like No Doubt again.
O- Roy Orbison� better than Elvis.
P- Liz Phair� How can you not like a chick who rocks a guitar?
Q- Queen� What else is there?
R- My favorite R.E.M album is Automatic for the People.
S- I guess Sheryl Crow was on the brain because of the Grammy�s and her anti-war stuff.
T- Robbie Williams was the bad boy in Take That before going solo.
U- Bono is up for the Nobel Peace Price.
V- I�m probably the only person who likes �8 Arms to Hold You� over their other album.
W- Weezer is just cool.
X- Seriously, are there any bands with X as it�s first letter other than XTC?
Y- �Weird� Al Yankovic was probably the more entertaining concert I�ve been to.
Z- Zebra is an inside joke. They still tour all over my hometown area.

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