Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I�d post more often, but all I have to talk (read: bitch) about is work, and I don�t want this place to turn into that�

I will say that I think that�s life is really funny. Funny as in I just signed a year lease and now I found out there�s not just one, but two jobs at a station in Orlando, FL, that I�m more than qualified for. But then, is that what we want? Would Orlando be a good thing for this family? Is it coincidence that it�s my father�s middle name? Could that be a sign?

Cons of moving to Orlando or Florida:
1) Possibly bigger than Houston
2) Probably more traffic
3) Pain in the ass to change from H-Town Bloggers to Orlando & Flordia bloggers.
4) Possibly a worse education for the kid
5) Jeb Bush
6) Butt of election jokes
7) Hurricanes
8) Miami Hurricanes & Florida Gators

Why even bother thinking about it? Nothing can happen for at least a year, anyway�

Now, where in Houston can a person learn about film editing while working a full-time job? Interning/volunteering on Fridays and Saturdays is an option�

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