Monday, April 28, 2003

It's been quite a fun-filled busy few days. Friday was the possible exception, only because I was at work on a normal off day. But that was how we planned it so I could have Sunday off. On Saturday, I declared my days of playing furry animals on stage to be over. Aladdin's run ended without much fanfare, but I like to think that's because of the groups' comradery. We became a tightly-knit group of friends doing this show, so the last show wasn't so much of a "good-bye" as a "see ya real soon." I have no doubt that many of us will continue to hang out and plan group activities. I miss them already. Sunday, we held our cast party. Poinsettas and Mimosas. Not the flowers. Some "girlie-drinks" are really good. I'm still not sure about the lockes and bagels. Usually, when a show come to an end, my emotions crash. But this time, it wasn't too bad. Then again, how much lower on the emotional-scale can I get? Heh... Yeah, I've been feeling the hands of depression slowly squeeze around me for a few weeks now. Focus on the positive, ML... the positive...

Anyway, one of the local playhouse's is auditioning for Guys and Dolls. I really wanted to try out for that show. Musical theatre is one thing that bring joy to my life. Positives. So, yesterday I go to audition. A few acting buddies and aquiantences were there and we sat together. Apparently, the director was doing the singing audition last night. I had my song prepared. I was going to sing "Your Song" by Sir Elton John as arranged by the wonderful folks who produced Moulin Rouge.

After sitting though several wonderful auditions and many horrid ones, my turn was up. As I walked onto the stage, I kept telling myself to imagine I was just in the shower singing the song, or in my car. I introduced myself and the song I was about to sing, then got into position to start. After taking a few deep breaths, I nailed the first line "My gift is my song". Despite my obvious nervousness - my hands were shaking - I continued on to the next line "and this one's for you." I could feel everyone's eyes upon me; they were impressed with my voice. I continued, trying not to look anyone in the eyes, instead focusing on a point in the air. That point would be the "Satine" I was singing my love song to.

Auditioning for a complete group of strangers can be a very agonizing thing. Even though I have sung that song thousands of times, even though I know and have been told I am a great singer and have a great voice, it's still very difficult to stand up in front of 100 strangers. Just as I started to relax, it happened - I blanked on a line. As I fumbled to get through the song, the director cut me off and said "That's ok, we know you can sing." A-ha! Despite the flub-up, I had indeed impressed them. How ironic life can be! I realized a little while later the line I flubbed on was And some of these verses, they got me quite cross..." You gotta love the irony.

In the end, I was offered a chorus part, but they reherse on Sundays and I can't get my work schedule rearranged enough to accomidate. So, I will be calling the director later to tell her I can't do it. Ah, it's all for the best. I'll miss not doing the show, but there will be other shows.

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