Sunday, April 06, 2003

Sweaty weekend. Cleaned up on Friday night in anticipation of my mother-in-law. She didn't arrive at 1:30am, so I went to bed. In the morning, we found out she and her friend had checked into the hotel at around 3am and couldn't figure out how to call out. It was a long drive from New Orleans...

Saturday, I'm covered in neck-to-toe fur. I am a camel. Camel's have humps. They also have tails, but I can't seem to keep mine on during a show. We gauge how well the show went not by audience response but by how sweat-soaked my undershirt is. I have no desire to be a mascot. At least, my sweat doesn't stink. Bonus. Cool neighbors. Double Bonus. Sleep was good. Triple Bonus.

Sunday, Work... *sigh*

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