Thursday, November 18, 2004

B is for Busy

Monday - Friday.
Sweeps. Work keeps me uber-busy during November. Right after work, I drive home to change, maybe eat, and haul to rehersal.
Home for 11p. There's general cleaning to do. Where do you fit family in? Check emails. Wind down with video game. Stay up entirely too late because the damn game is too addicting.
Friday Night. First night off during the week. Enjoy family time by eating a meal together. Catch up on TV missed during the week.

Saturday. Sleep because I don't get to bed during the week until 1am usually. Also, good for cleaning that didn't get done during the week. Laundry. Make candles. Generally, a trip to the library with the kid. Maybe squeeze in the first (and last) home-cooked meal of the week (Note to mother: No, I'm not eating fast food every meal. Mostly prepackaged stuff).

Sunday. Best day of the week. Church. Football. Finish candlemaking. Reherse. Hope laundry got done.

Repeat until Jan 2nd.

So, when do I have time to post? I don't know. At the moment, apparently. Stay tuned. I'm kicking a new blog idea around. A chonicle of weight loss. It's just a thought at the moment...

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