Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Caffeine Free Mountain Dew

Really? What's the point? Don't we drink the Dew FOR the caffeine? My wife has been trying to kick caffeine out of her life. Kudos to her. She buys caffeine free Coke, etc. I prefer the Diet variety of soft drinks. No sugar, no calories, no taste, lotsa caffeine. That's what I want. We can't keep soda in the house because we each have our own separate needs (read: wants). Caffeine free for the wife, Diet for me, and something the kid will drink. We have to buy like nine 2 liters every time we shop; that's 3 per person. Thank goodness for soda pop sales like 5 for $10.

The summarize: Caffeine Free Mountain Dew is a bigger oxymoron than Microsoft Works.

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