Wednesday, December 08, 2004


I just wanted to publicly thank Eddie C. for introducing me to Something Positive. Today's (er... yesterday's) comic has me in stitches and they usually do that to me. So, thank you Eddie, *you big gay boy, for introducing me to Something Positive. While, I don't really get into most of the web comics you constantly barrage me with, I truly enjoy the hell out of that one. Plus, PeeJee is so dreamy.

By the way, I'm extremely busy right now. You, dear reader, should be happy I had time for this post. Mostly, it's work and the show taking up all my time. I do get a few meals and bathroom breaks in. Otherwise, it's work, show, sleep, repeat. Soon, I hope to share my feelings on Christmas this year. Stay Tuned for: Black and Blue Xmas Balls or Jesus was born in May...

*Eddie's not really gay, we just like to rag on each other... ALOT.

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