Thursday, December 30, 2004

30 on the 30th

So, today I turned 30. Woopty-doo. I've never been one to care about my age. I never thought 30 would be a big deal to me like it is to others. And it's not. Honestly, I don't feel 30. I feel like I'm right around 23. All the benefits of being over 21, and mature enough to know when I need to be responsible. But, I don't feel 30. I guess I'm young at heart or something. While I've always been mature for my age, I've never felt my age. And, my life is just about where it should be for 30. I've got nothing to really complain about... except maybe my health as I am under the weather. The sore throat and snuffiness is gone, but I'm dealing with the deep cough that sounds 1000x worse than it really is.

What am I doing to celebrate? A show. But it's over by 9pm and the cast party is tonight. So that's sorta like it'll be for me. I can pretend at anyway.

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