Thursday, April 14, 2005

Stream of Consciousness 4: The Revenge

We went to the garden section of Wal-mart last night - a first! The wife wants to start a little garden in our little fenced in area. So, without really knowing anything about gardening, we picked out a bunch of stuff to attempt to grow and garden. She going to try growing a few vegetables and some herbs, too. Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, strawberries were a few of the items she picked out. The kid wanted us to get pumpkins and watermelons but we do not have the space for that. I wonder if we have the room for what we did pick out. I picked out some petunias for a little windowbox garden thingy. I thought the colors were pretty: red, pinkish and a violet. I'm sure you can tell that we're well over our head. But, we're trying. At least, we know enough to use Miracle-Gro. Of course, we left the shovel we bought at Wal-mart by accident, so we already start on a bad note. I don't know how this will turn out, but it would be nice if she gets her garden to go. I wish her the best of luck. She has kept a little bamboo plant alive for four years, so maybe this will happen. I've never been interested in gardening. You know, it's something you have to do outside, so forget it. But, I can see me getting a little bit interested, at least enough to support her.

There's another dream I had a while back I want to post about. It's another "God" or "White" dream. It was an amazing dream for me, especially because of how violent it was. I mean, most people would classify it as a "bad dream" because of what happened in it. But, I don't. Once I remember the dream fully and the meaning, I'll post more about it. I'm surprised I haven't yet.

Watched Revelations on NBC last night. It was ok. It's a mini-series about the end of times. Its kinda creepy, and it looks well done. The thing that bothers me is the nun in the show. She's documenting all of these "signs" that the end is near. That doesn't bother me. But she's seems to want to prevent The End. Why would a nun (who obviously is well-verse on God's plans for The End) want to prevent it? That makes no gosh darn sense. The first episode ended with enough mystery that I want to watch the second to see where this is going. It's not nearly as good as Lost, though.

Sorry I haven't updated the news about my grandmother since mentioning her nearly a week ago. But, the news is that she passed away late in the evening late last week. The funeral was on Saturday. I couldn't go because of the show. And don't worry about me. I'm very fine with her death. She had Alzheimers for like 15 years and from what I understand most of her days were spent in a fetal position. In a sense, you might say I pre-grieved. I mean, I haven't seen her over 10 years (before the Alzheimers got really bad) and we knew that the disease would one day kill her. I don't have a lot of memories of her, but the ones I have are great. I'm sure my entire family is taking comfort in the fact that her suffering in life is over and that she is with God.

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