Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Any Dream Will Do...

Last night, I dreamt about the end of the times. The time when the righteous take their eternal place in heaven while the scalliwags lie in torment in the fiery pits of hell. This was not one of my “Everything White” dreams. It was different, dark and gritty, and played like a movie.

I remember we were at my parent’s house when something drove me to go outside. My family came with me into the backyard. There, my father held my son’s hand who held mine and I held my wife’s. We all held hands as we were engulfed by the most beautiful light. A big white ball – the sun, I thought – glowed brightly enough to turn the enitre blue sky a pinkish-white.

Soon, a feeling of realization came over me and I was at peace. This was not the sun freakishly burning. No, it was God himself. Something, I assume it was Him or one of His Angels, spoke to me not to be afraid, that it would all be over soon. I comforted my family as they didn’t seem to understand what was happening.

The winds picked up and the light grew whiter. I clung my son’s hand reassuring him that all was well. The light saturated the landscape as we stood there and suddenly, in an instant, everything was dark and silent. At peace.

As we stood there in the darkness, I told my family not to worry. The darkness would be gone soon and then we’d live eternally in heaven. After all, that was worth the wait in the moments of pitch black.

It began to rain. My wife shrieked that it was raining blood. We couldn’t see the rain in the darkness but we could feel its coldness hitting our skin. To me, it felt like a cool summer rain, the kind that makes you want to play in. It was refreshing to stand there with the water washing away any fears we had.

When the light came back, we were still in the backyard. Everything was exactly how it was before the God-light showered the world. Color had returned from its white saturation. Bird churped and the trees swayed in the wind. Nothing was wet. It was like nothing had happened. Only a feeling that everything was now... better. Stillness and peace had come over us all.

We walked to the front of the house where we found several people hanging out on the driveway. I recognized them all as members of my church, The Crux. I remarked to my wife, “Look, there’s Amy. God wouldn’t have forgotten to take her. This must be heaven.” We smiled with the knowledge that we were allowed into Heaven. I greeted Amy with a hug. It was a very reassuring, friendly hug that I received back. We spoke for a little while about the importance of what just happened.

And that was it. There was another part to my dream but for a few reasons I’m not including it. For one, I don’t remember it nearly as vividly. Only in bits and pieces. Sure, I remember walking on ledges in a futuristic cityscape (I struggled not to fall a few stories down) and there was definitely a figure I called “Blue.” I think Blue was perhaps my guardian angel. But, I don’t remember what Blue looked like. I guess he looked like, well, an angel surrounded by glowing blue light instead of white. And I think these bits happened before The End. It was possibly another dream entirely. Was it the Warehouse District in New Orleans, perhaps? Likely, this part of the dream was induced by playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and watching parts of Phantom Menace before going to bed.

I have no interpretations today. Feel free to leave your own in the comments. Please, only serious interpretations...

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