Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mike TeeVee

The weird thing about working in television is that I really have no inclination to watch TV at home. It's like bringing your work home. Of course, it helps when there's actually something worth watching... like WWE Smackdown. No, I watch that WITH my son. It's a bonding thing... really... It is... Shut up.

I am looking forward to new episodes of LOST. That was quite the cliffhanger ending. It's a really good show. House is also a good show worth watching. Beyond that, not much else interests me on broadcast TV (no cable). Everwood is a favorite, but I've missed the last year of new episodes and have no idea what's going on. It's moving to Thursday nights and I suspect will fall off the map soon. The plan is to catch up when the DVDs come out.

I've had to go through some Sex in the City clip reels looking for soundbites that will work in promo form. Mind you, I don't and didn't have HBO when this show was on. I've never seen it and don't quite understand how it's going to be as good as its buzz was in syndication (where you can't show boobies or say muthafuck). Let me say, though, that after watching a few clip reels, Mr. Big is my new hero. It premieres on one of the stations I work for next month and I might have to watch that show and live vicariously through him. Big is better, apparently.

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