Saturday, March 11, 2006

Busy, Ill, Work, Pray

Things just got busy. That means I've started rehersals for "Into The Woods" at Footlite Musicals. The cast and crew are fantastic and it'll be disappointing if it's not a phenominal show. The costumes alone should be wonderful. And I say that will very little bias seeing how I'm married to the costumer.

And, I'm getting ill again. Second time this year. UGH! I'm trying that Zicam stuff out. It's supposed to help shorten the cold. So far, I'm just a little stuffy with more of a dry than sore feeling throat. If nothing else, I hope that I'm feeling as worse this cold will get. I think it was the weather that set my allergies off. Cold, then rainy, then warming up, then rainy.

Work certainly got interesting. I'm breaking a rule about blogging about work now, but I think I'll survive. Our department head resigned... as in the GM walked him out on Wednesday afternoon. He led us since July. Not a long tenure. But, in all truth, this was the guy I learned the most from. He was the closest thing to a mentor I've had in my career. Sure, he was a bit of a hard ass and hard to get along with at times, but I could deal with that 'cause I was learning ALOT. His name was Dick, so if nothing else, we're rolling in the dick jokes. But, I think we got alot more than that out of him. So, for that I thank him.

I joined the prayer ministry team at my church. It's a group of about 30 people that pray for the church, its leaders and for special prayer requests. My reasons for joining were a bit selfish. I'm a little uncomfortable with prayer but want to get better at it. I figure if I'm exposed to more opportunities to pray and people who can reflect a good prayer life/regime, well, I'll feel more comfortable praying and get better with practice.

Which leads me to the other day. I received an email for a special prayer request. We were asked to pray for a teenager who had an possible allergic reaction or maybe an overdose and was lying unconscious in the hospital, unable to breathe on his own. And this is the power that prayer has. The next day, I got an email saying how he had woke up and was asking for a Big Mac. Praise the Lord, he will be ok. I'm amazed at the power prayer has. You'd think with what wonderful blessing a good prayer life has to offer, that we'd spend more time conversing with God...

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