Sunday, March 12, 2006

Into The Woods

Just when I'm happy to have been cast in one of my favorite shows, I realize how friggin' difficult the music is. I shouldn't be surprised. "Into The Woods" is Sondheim, after all. In fact, I think I'm grateful I have a tiny part and sing in the chorus parts. That's less stressful.

Really, I didn't think learning the music to one of my most beloved musicals would be this hard. There are rounds, there are odd time signatures, there are unsyncipated rythems. And that's the just the chorus parts. ARGH! The leads have to have their timing down or the whole show is fucked. Not that I think our leads won't nail it. This is, after all, a very incredibly talented cast.

Thankfully, we are blessed to have Joe Trakimas as our vocal director. I *heart* Joe. And I've only known her for a week. She's is such a great vocal director. She's teaching us about breath control and supporting. AH... I haven't heard those words from a vocal director since college. Her vocal directing is music to my ears. And, such a southern lady she is. What with the "sugars" and the "honeys."

I just want to hug her and say "I love you, Joe." But, that would be kind of awkward since the only things I've ever said to her are, "Hello," "yes ma'am," and, "Good Night." That might be a little too weird...

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