Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's in a name?

"My name is Cap'n Jack and this is no longer your chair."

Turns out little kitty is a prepubescent boy. Approximately 8 weeks old and young enough his testicles haven't dropped. Even the vet had a little trouble determining his sex.

It took a little while for a name to stick. I'm a firm believer in not naming pets immediately. Give them time to get adjusted to you and the new environment. Then, a name will form. I also believe cats find you, you don't find them. Dogs are different that way. You definately find dogs, probably because they are too stupid to find you like cats do.

Before we knew it was a boy, we had some girl names picked out. I say "we" but since the cat was my wife's, it was up to her to pick the name. My son and I just offered suggestion. Most of his were wrestling related. Names like Toyota and Karma seemed to fit a girl. Get it? She was found in our car's enginge... CAR-MA... Toyota? HA ha ha.. *ahem* But, alas, those are girl names and wouldn't do.

For a while, I kept refering to him with the pronouns, "she" and "her." I think that is because he's a little kitty and little kitties just ooze female. Not so in this case. For a while, I thought Hedwig was a possible name because I kept calling it "she" - named after Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was kinda funny.

So, my son and I started suggesting boy names. Conrad, Rey Rey, Eddie (after Izzard or Guererro), Joe Urban, Harvey, Elwood - none were good enough to make the cut. I was important to me for her to name the cat and not us, though. We merely made suggestions.

Knowing my wife, she would have named the cat after a Disney Villian. Thankfully, all her favorites are women and Hades or Captain Hook don't fit the cat. But, it turns out, a Disney character works. And, so he was named Cap'n Jack. Not Capatin Jack. If you call his name, you have to say either "Cap'n Jack" or just "Jack."

Not even a week and we can see him growing bigger and adjusting to his new surroundings. He can climb the stair, but is too scared to climb down. This morning we discovered he can climb up to our bed. It's pretty high up for something his size. But, when I woke up at 6am to scratching noises, Cap'n Jack's face greeted my eyes.

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