Monday, August 16, 2010

Old Posts

Since I've picked this blogging thing back up, I've gone through the archives, re-reading old thoughts and writings just to relive some memories and, well, see where I've come from to get an idea of where I'm going...

Here's some of my favorite posts:
(Does it make me sound narcissistic that I'm posting a list of my favorite writings, with additional commentary?  Gee, I must really love me...)

Faithfully- A glimpse into my love of Journey born out of my childhood.  I really like the story-telling in this one.

Visibly Invisible - This was a song I wrote 8 years ago according to the timestamp. It's about I person I once knew. The events never happened, but the person exists. No, I don't hate her. She's one of those people (when I knew her anyway) who should of been more than they were - if that makes any sense. A great person really, who just brings everyone down.

Jesus on the Radio - Actually, it's about Judas. This was written long before I came to walk with Christ. Looking back through my blog now, I see little signs of His calling me, but me not listening yet. Still, Judas is just a very interesting character to me.

A Rebirth
- This was me acknowledging God was calling me to walk with Him and the start of a shift in the blog theme at times.

I Shall Call the Pebble, "Dare..." - This is without a doubt the most read post on my blog. Probably about once a day, someone googles the lyrics, and this post comes up. Certainly got the most comments.

Searching for God Knows What - An interesting (to me, at least) essay on my problem with Catholicism growing up.

God Works In Many, Sometimes Funny, Ways - Just a funny story about how I really hate beans. I like the writing.

God Moment - One of my favorite memories. I hope this story isn't one of those, "You had to be there" stories.

Butterfly - Another God moment. This story comes from my mission trip to Gulfport after Hurricane Katrina. It reminds me to slow down and look for God.

Ok. That's enough.  Reading through this was more difficult than I thought it would be.  You know how you don't like to hear your recorded voice played back?  How hearing the sound of your own voice is one of the most uncomfortable things you can hear, possibly more so than nails on the chalkboard?  Yeah, that's the equivalent of what reading through some of this was for me.  Reliving old wounds, seeing some of the same mistakes... Have I really changed?

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